The Carpenters’ Local Union 1669 Apprenticeship and Carpentry Industry Promotion Trust Fund was established to serve the development of Local 1669 members as well as some aspects of training negotiated in our collective agreements.  Since its inception the Apprenticeship and Industry Trust Fund has trained a variety of apprenticeships, journeymen upgrading courses as well health and safety programs mandated by our construction industry.



The Apprenticeship and Industry Promotion Trust Fund is governed by a board  of Trustees that is comprised of labour representatives from the Carpenters Local 1669 and employer Representatives from the General Contractors  as well  the Thunder Bay Construction Association representative.


The carpenters’ apprenticeship system in Ontario’s unionized construction sector is a model of employer/labor cooperation. This cooperation is essential for the industry’s future competiveness and productivity.  The Joint Labour Management Committee agrees to support all training and upgrading programs and courses.  The Employer Bargaining Agency agrees to support Provincial Advisory Committees as well the Local Apprenticeship Committee. The Apprenticeship Advisory Committee shall have full powers over the training, education and movement of apprentices.


The state of the art facility in Thunder Bay is 12,700 square feet of shop, boardroom  and two classroom areas that have been customized with the theoretical and practical requirements for the training programs.

Apprenticeship Training

There are 4 ways of starting an apprenticeship

Pre- apprenticeship Training
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, (OYAP)
Working for a Local 1669 Signatory Company
Applying based on past Carpentry experience

Pre-apprenticeship Training
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
Working for a Local Union 1669 Signatory Company

The 3rd way of starting an apprenticeship is to obtain work with a local union 1669 contactor. This occurs only when there is abundant availability of work with no registered unemployed apprentices on the hiring list. Preferences are  given to those candidates who talk to our in house staff about their prior carpentry or construction experience.

Applying based on past Carpentry experience

Individuals with past carpentry or construction experience may also be referred into the apprenticeship program.

Please include,.
Letters of recommendation from past employers
Dates of employment
Tasks performed
Hours of carpentry work
Record of employment
Proof of Grade 12 education, Proof of Grade 12 Math
Once compiled please submit to the  LAC, care of the Carpenters Local 1669 Training Centre


Training coordinator  Bruce Kruger, Phone 807-632-6625                                    Email,

Executive Board:

President: Wayne Sohlman, Phone, 807-627-2254    Email,

Vice President: Louis Bortolon     Email,

Rec. Secretary: Evan Reid, phone 807-632-8663     Email,

Financial Secretary: Bruce Kruger, Phone 807-632-6625      Email,

Treasurer: Jedde  Macleay,      Email,

Warden, Tom Garofalo
Conductor: John Tiefenbacher


Rory Moore
Dave Hakala



1306 Capital Way, Thunder Bay, On. P7B 0A3
Phone 807-344-0611,

Toll free 1-888-344-0611,

Fax 807-627-2254

Mailing Address:

P.O. BOX 10571

Thunder Bay, On, P7B 6T9


Training Center - Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Programs include

General Carpentry Apprenticeship
Interior/Exterior System Mechanics (Drywall)
Floor Covering Apprenticeship